The Seven P’s of Crowdfunding

(Excerpt from EDCO Bend Pubtalk, Feb 26 2015) Thanks very much for the invitation to speak tonight about the insider experience of a crowdfunding campaign. Because I love a snappy aphorism, I came up with an expression that I hope you will take away with you, and use as you plan or evaluate future crowdfunding […]

You need a Privacy Action Plan. Start here.

Need a handy acronym to keep on track with privacy planning? Try this: your policy needs to be Adequate, Accurate, and Authentic. Customize, implement, and revisit as necessary. If you own or manage a business of any kind or size, you have almost certainly realized by now that you need to be responsive to privacy […]

Privacy is So Money

For technology companies, privacy and security investment isn’t just about protecting against downside any more — new products and venture money mean it’s finally possible to deliver on the upside by developing privacy-enhancing technologies.  I attended another cyber security seminar last week, where a panel of distinguished security experts succeeded in scaring the bejeesus out of a group […]

Public Opinion, Privacy, and the Courts

Under Common Law, rules are formed by reference to previous cases and dominant cultural attitudes. Why do the “nothing to hide-ers” want you to have less privacy than the rules allow? In the previous post, we inquired into the origin of a stubbornly common cultural assumption, the idea that “you don’t need privacy unless you […]

Yes, Consumer Privacy is a “Reasonable Expectation”

Courts and the Constitution recognize privacy as a fundamental interest of citizens. Why shouldn’t consumers be entitled to the same consideration? A Manifesto. A while back, I was working with a brilliant startup, whose technology allows you to make private, peer-to-peer connections among all your machines and devices, without the company ever storing, touching, or […]

Go Team Shelley!

On the bright morning of July 27, more than sixty family and friends of the inimitable Shelley Gunton met at Pioneer Square to participate in the Portland Brain Tumor Walk. We walked to celebrate and support Shelley as she wrestles brain cancer to the ground! In the process we managed to raise nearly $15,000 and […]